Le Parc de l'Étang

Le parc de l'étang

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Our campsite’s family leisure park

Leisure park for unforgettable holidays in the Loire Valley

Located on Camping de l'Étang’s campsite, the leisure park has dozens of attractions for adults and children, set in natural and fun surroundings. And once you're inside, everything's free!

Take advantage of discount admission rates to enjoy our 4-star campsite plus fun family days out!

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A real aqua park!

In summer, the temperature's rising, and there's only one thing to do - splash around in the water! The Camping de l'Étang’s leisure park has a water slide, paddle boats, rope bridge, swimming areas and mist zones.

Enjoy the fresh air as you move from the inflatable castles to the rope bridge, mini-golf course, mini-bobsleigh, a human table football game and wooden structures.

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