Around the campsite

Around the campsite

Camping at the heart of the Loire Valley

Anjou, in the Loire Valley, is renowned for its exceptional beauty, chateaux and wines

Welcome to the heart of the Loire Valley, famous for its chateaux and wines. The Camping de l'Étang’s 4-star campsite is located 15 minutes from Angers and 30 min from Saumur in a region with a long and fascinating history and world-famous wines. The campsite is surrounded by vineyards and hiking, cycling and bridle paths.

A campsite close to the Loire River in France: a region of stunning natural beauty

Admire the golden tufa stone of Anjou’s charming villages and its eye-opening troglodytic houses. With its outstanding heritage, over the centuries Anjou, in the Loire Valley, has remained true to itself, especially through its cuisine (which includes “fouees” - small rolls filled with rillettes, and “pommes tapees” – dried apples) and wines, which you can taste on Camping de l'Etang’s 4-star campsite. Whatever the weather, there’s always something to do!

The Loire, the last untamed river in Europe and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its exceptionally well-preserved natural environment, offers a wide range of leisure activities, from fishing and horse shows to boat trips along the Loire, where you’ll discover countless leafy islands and sand banks.

There’s lots to do in and around the Camping de l’Etang